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And another extremely strong team is Greece, also coming from Mediterranean sea and deep dives in Summer. We had a chat with a strong spearo and a very well lknow and respected expert, Nikos Kambanis, Captain of Greece, who organized the exiting World Championship in Greece, Syros, 2017.

Tasis Peroulis
Tasis Peroulis

ApneaPassion: Euro-African 2019: special situation with non-traditional fishing compared to warmer waters and also fishing starting from the shore…how did you choose the team and please present briefly each athlete? 

NK: This is the second time in the CMAS history that a swimming competition is taking place and Greece did not take part in the first. It is very hard to plan for such a tournament, but we have to try it… It is positive that we are going to experience the Nordic way. I think it is good for the sport. We chose the team on the basis of who could afford to come (from the first 10 ranking). The Federation cannot afford the cost of participation and there is no team sponsor. The initial team was Sideris, Peroulis, Mavrommatis and Kambanis as substitute. In the end Sideris could not come. Peroulis is very efficient in shallow water, quick and with good instinct, Mavrommatis is a natural fishermen and can adapt to all kinds of conditions, as he can fish deep and shallow and Kambanis will have to try to adapt to a lot of swimming and a lot of diving to which he is not used to.

Sotiris Mavrommatis
Sotiris Mavrommatis

AP: Expectations for this competition? 

NK: Sincerely, we do not hold great expectations for this competition, apart from the good experience.

AP: Key elements to be strong in this competition? (physical, tactical, experience in these waters..) 

NK: It is important to be physically strong, but main factor remains the brain and the ability to understand how the zone works. But it is true that you will need a lot of swimming and a lot of dives…

AP: Strongest teams and athletes to look at? 

NK: Spain is always the favourite, but I think the locals and the Finnish will be a bit ahead of the rest…. The three Spaniards, the three Danish and the three Finnish athletes are the favorites.