Semana Master 2019, the traditional international spearfishing championship organized by FBDAS, Federacion Balear de Actividades subacuaticas, will be remembered for the triumph of Giacomo de Mola and Pathos Team, made also of Kostas Makris, Oscar Lopez Martin and Mirco Ominetti.

Pathos Team winner sof XIX Open Ciutat de Palma

They won the XIX Open Ciutat de Palma – VIII Memorial Sebastia Carbonell and also first place in ranking in Brands World Cup. Pathos Team got also special prize for the biggest fish.

First win after 2 podiums for Giacomo de Mola in the Master competition, making him one of the “maestros“, winners of Master.


CMAS Women’s World Cup

Also, for the first time FBDAS organized at the Semana Master the CMAS Women’s World Cup, individual competition for ladies spearos, where Malen Sart Bonin won among six competitors.

Women’s cup podium

Malen in five hours of competition caught 8 fish, three different species and closed one cup for total 11610 points.

Rosa Gonzalez Reus had three fish, three different species for total 5425 points, and Alexandra Prat Prat finished on third place with one fish and 2075 points.


XVIII Master

14 spearos from Spain, Italy, France, Alger, Greece and Croatia have participated to the XVIII Master at the Semana Master. First Master title by Giacomo de Mola has been won be the Italian champion with 24465 points, in front of the Spanish Jose Luis Fernandez and Miguel Galera Cardona.

De Mola Master 2019

The biggest fish from De Mola was goldblotch grouper 3405 grams heavy, then he had two more groupers, two red scorpionfish, one brown meagre, two white seabreams and two congers. In total it was 10 fish, 5 species and 2 cups.

Luis Fernandez was second with 20630 points. Fernandez caught 14 fish, 7 specie and one cup and biggest fish was brown meagre 1245 grams heavy.

Jose Luis Fernandez

Galera Cardona had one fish less and one specie less than Fernandez, obtaining 17555 points.

Galera Cardona

Weighing of day 1

Master and Women Cup results


XIX Open Ciutat de Palma – VIII Memorial Sebastia Carbonell – Brands World Cup

This year in Palma at Semana Master everybody was thrilled during the weighing of XIX Open Ciutat de Palma – VIII Memorial Sebastia Carbonell.

At fish delivery and weighing Pathos Team presented two big white groupers, heaviest was 12445 grams, and 20 fish more with 9 species and 4 cups. In total they had 63945 points.

Pathos Team with white grouper

But also first Beuchat Team presented remarkable catch. Oscar Cervantes, Daniel Gospic and Pedro Carbonell team, putting together 7 individual Master titles, had 35 fish, with 6 species and 6 cups. They caught in total almost 33 kilograms and gained 59275 points.

Beuchat 1: Oscar Cervantes, Daniel Gospic and Pedro Carbonell

The most beautiful pieces were 6 John Dorys, heaviest of which weighed 1895 grams, then they caught 7 forkbeards, 6 brown meagres, 5 white seabreams and 10 red scorpionfish.

Third team in Open was Beuchat 2 with Bittor Mentxacattore, Pierre Roy and David Garcia.

Beuchat 2: Bittor Mentxacattore, Pierre Roy and David Garcia.

At the weighing they had 16 fishes, 6 species and 2 cups for 42770 points. Interesting was that Beuchat 2 found 7 mullets that were almost totla 20 kilograms. The biggest mullet was 4390 grams heavy.

Third team in World Brand Cup was Salvimar with Chio Tulsa, Javi Lopez and Miguel A. Oliver with 21 fishes, 4 species and 3 cups.

Salvimar with Chio Tulsa, Javi Lopez and Miguel A. Oliver
Open for Clubs and Brands Cup

Fourth CMAS World Cup for nations

Fourth CMAS World Cup for nations at Semana Master ended without surprises, and winning team was made of Spanish spearor Cesar Bustelo, Xavi Blanco and Jose Luis Fernandez won with 49720 points. Spanish spearos caught 38 fish, 8 species and had 5 cups.

Team Spain, winner of CMAS World Cup of Nations

Second team was French team FNPSA – Guillaume, Bouzon, Foppolo and Piereschi. The French spearos caught 22 fishes, 5 species and 2 cups for 30930 points.

Team FNPSA, second in CMAS World Cup of nations

Third was Greece with Peroulis, Kavvadias, Kambanis and Chalaris. Spearos from Greece, presented at weighing 15 fishes and 5 different species woth 2 cups, for 22080 points.

Weighing day 2

Team Greece, third in CMAS World Cup of nations
CMAS World Cup of Nations

A competition for charity

All the fish caught at Semana Master was devoluted, as European rule for species caught in sportive competitions, for charity.

In particular the rule indicates that: “Member States shall ensure that catches of marine organisms resulting from leisure fisheries are not marketed. Nevertheless, by way of exception, the marketing of species caught in sportive competitions may be authorised provided that the profits from their sale are used for charitable purposes.”

In this particular case fish caught was given as charity to the organization SOS Mamas (

This years Semana Master was dedicated to Rafael Muntaner Morey, long time FBDAS president.