In 2018 Mares Pure Instinct pushes strongly on the composite materials blade fins, and does it with a wide offer based on extremely high quality. Fin range, already presented on the article of 2018 novelties by Mares, is made of 5 different models, 2 in carbon and glass fiber, and 3 in 100% glass fiber. Among the first, we have the Mares Razor Matrix.¬† Mares Razor Matrix They are the top of the line fins among the 5 new models of 2018, thanks to the carbon and glass fiber composition and the long and narrow design. Such model of fins, and more specifically of blades, is particularly indicated to very technical spearos that dive deep, or to freedivers that, evidently, perform at high depths (beyond 30 meters). Materials Carbon fiber is a plain 3K,¬†that offers better results compared to the twill utilized with the Mares Razor Carbon, that are no…

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