Since the beginning leader in the design and production of sling spearguns, with all its line named after Indian tribes, this year the Kiowa Custom has been added, a fully customizable sling gun which can be bought only in shops (no internet), as all Cressi products part of Ateliér line. In brief Which muzzle, shaft, bands, reel, are the best for you depending on your preferences and spearfishing techniques? Each one of us can setup his speargun from the start with the new Cressi Kiowa. In the “box”, the speargun with two muzzles one open and one closed, two different length gun butts and, that is it! All the rest, from shaft, to elastic bands, to the reel can be bought separately with the help of your trusted shop, as this is the only place where to buy the Kiowa. Cressi Kiowa ready for customization Barrel…

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