After being astonished by the quality of the Falcon Open 90 by Blue Green, solution with double circular bands, we have analyzed its bigger cousin, the Falcon Inverted Polyplast, where quality is again of extreley high level. Blue Green Company Blue Green is a Greek company founded in the ’90s by Giorgios Karatzas, experienced spearo and CMAS Freediving instructor. The strength of the company is the great experience of its founder and R&D brought forward by engineers and sportmen (in particular spearos and freedivers). The company today has a leading role in the Greek market, while it exports products also in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, which are very tough adn experienced markets. In recent years to the more traditionally built products, Blue Green has added equipment mode of advanced materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar and dyneema. In brief Made of a unique 100% carbon fiber piece,  the Falcon Inverted Polyplast 110, equipped with…

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