Best torches on the market have been selected and presented in the torches Dossier. Now we have done much more, with the Super Test to analyze the best torches as never done before by anyone, and we have shot videos to confirm the truthness of our results (as always!). Torches have been measured in their lighting efficiency in the caves and cracks  in the rocks, weight in sea water, battery life, materials, design and dimensions, functionality of the switch. You will be able to choose your preferred torch, even though we definately found our number 1!   Materials We have already presented materials of the torches in the Torches Dossier, where we have verified that materials go from aluminium, both for the body and the head of the torch, such as for Salvimar Daylight, Sporasub Eyelight and Epsealon Red Bullit, to solutions with plastic material, such as polycarbonate and glass fibre (Cressi Lumia) or glass…

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