A great offensive by Mares Pure Instinct on the product side with 27 new products for spearfishing ans freediving launched in 2018. We have visited the company in Genoa, and have started taking a closer look at the new attractive equipment. Let us present them all in an overview, before, in the next weeks, showing you more details in our X-Rays channel. Not all of the products indicated are completely new, as some are, for example, new camouflage colors, while others, like the amazing Cyrano pneumatic spearguns line, has already been launched last year, but has its full year of sales in 2018. Still, a great push by Mares, now also in the Freediving world, thanks also to the partnership with SSI. We have already started presenting new products for indoor apnea, but also outdoor freediving, like the Mares Horizon 10, analyzed by Indoor apnea Champion, Luciano Morelli, and the…

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