Directly from Greece we have tested one of the top spearguns by Blue Green, the Falcon Carbon Open 90, that has impressed us, especially for what concerns the release mechanism.  Patented release mechanism, high module carbon fiber barrel, integrated muzzle with magnet as shaft retaining system; the Falcon Carbon Open 90 has shown power and precision, thanks also to the reduced recoil and a structure with maximum rigidity. For prices of the Falcon and other Blue Green products ask information on the company’s website. Loading Easy and intuitive, with the elastic bands well positioned that do not risk to move out of position in an annoying way during loading, the Falcon offers great easyness of use, with also a wing to lower the line away from the release mechanism for a “cleaner” setting of the line itself. Simple is also the muzzle, but it can happen that the line, if not perfectly…

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