Simple and light, for best brandishing, the Seac Guun 30 is available in lengths from 95 to 135, always with double circular 16 mm bands. In brief It is the 30 mm diameter barrel version, upgrade compared to the 28 mm, the Guun 30 increases rigidity (it goes with the square of the diameter of the barrel). The Guun 30 keeps all the aspects of the 28 mm barrel cousin speargun, with simplicity and lightness as strengths, opposed to heavier spearguns, for example wooden, that are more difficult to handle, but of course better deal with recoil control. The barrel Made with extrusion process and of 30 mm cylindrical diameter, and wall thickness of 1 mm, the material of the barrel is anticorodal aluminum 6060 series. On the upper side the open shaft guide is made with two rails to give more precision to the shot and avoid too much friction…

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