Since the beginning leader in the design and production of sling spearguns, with all its line named after Indian tribes, to which this year the Kiowa Custom has been added, Cressi has in the Cherokee and the Comanche Rail two solutions with the same barrel, but much different in the handle, muzzle and settings. In brief Cressi Cherokee and Cressi Comanche Rail have the same 28 mm diameter barrel with open shaft guide. Differences are to the contrary very evident in the grip, where the Comanche Rail maintains a very classic solution, strong of its reliability, and very much loved by experienced spearos that have known such solution since many years and do not really want to change. In the same way, the muzzle is still very classic with its closed solution and the single standard bands, even though its design has been recently renewed for even more simplicity in loading the speargun and more compactness. The…

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