The Blue Green Smooth Camo wetsuit is the camouflage version of the open cell interior smooth exterior neopren wetsuit by the Greeck company. Offer by Blue Green is completed with the externally lined versions: Challenge, Grouper Advanced and Challenge Camo.  Another deep analysis of a Blue Green product, after the Advance Carbon fins and the Falcon Open 90. In brief The Blue Green Smooth Camo wetsuit received is in the green base camouflage version, 7 mm jacket and 5.5 mm pants, but available thicknesses are 3.5, 5.5, 7 and 8 mm. Neoprene is the very special Heiwa AWS SK, and the wetsuit can be both standard measure or taylor made. Well preformed arms, legs and body are an attent finishing of a very refined wetsuit. For the complete technical data sheet of the Blue Green Smooth Camo click here. Material and protections As anticipated, key in the Smooth Camo wetsuit is the…

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